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A recent graduate of University of Southern California proudly wearing his graduation robe and school colors


"GrowthQ played a vital part in helping me narrow down my focus and figure out my current needs. They then connected me with the right people, playing a crucial part in helping me get where I am."
A Duke engineering student posing in school colors who recently matched to a GrowthQ Sales Mentor


"Thank you so much for the opportunity you presented me by introducing me to the amazing world of tech sales and taking things one step further by pairing me with a wonderful mentor. Consequently, I was able to land an internship with DELL EMC as a sales intern."
Headshot of Chiugo Akujuobi


"My GrowthQ Mentor is incredible and helped me believe my childhood dreams of owning my own company are possible. I just needed a little help and sales industry knowledge."
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"With GrowthQ, I have access to a diverse community of professionals who were easy to talk to and seemed committed to helping me achieve success. Anyone looking to join the tech sales industry would benefit from GrowthQ; it's helped me learn more about the industry, become aware of opportunities, and interact with professionals to lean on for advice and information."
Headshot of Sean Rapp


"GrowthQ did an amazing job of getting me connected with other intro-to-sales candidates and in preparing me for interviews. With GrowthQ, I had a reliable resource to refer to throughout my job search that made me feel more prepared as I transitioned from a career in education. Anyone in the tech sales world that is looking for work would greatly benefit from the mentorship given through GrowthQ. GrowthQ can help job seekers expand their networks and share experiences with others new to the industry."
Headshot of Alexandra Mendez


"The actions taken to create opportunities to actually be able to find a job, mentorship, and bring folks together in sales through this network surprised me. Anyone wanting to move into the sales field or looking to learn more about what a career in sales could look like, should join GrowthQ. By being exposed to experienced sellers they will get to learn about what sales looks like from multiple different perspectives."
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